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Elysium Hotel

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Caressed by the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, amid the freshness of olive trees, and the touch of the Mediterranean sun, the luxurious hotel, Elysium, welcomes you to experience your unforgettable holidays.

Located very close to the beach of Dhërmi, surrounded by green gardens, and a stunning sea view, Elysium offers the facilities of a five-star resort, and guarantees not only incomparable accommodation and service, but also diversified activities for enjoying your days on the southern coast to the maximum.

Come and discover your vacation paradise!
Hotel Services

24/7 Reception service
Lounge Bar
Continental breakfast buffet
Parking space
Wi-Fi Internet
Open-air swimming pool
Pool sunbeds, and umbrellas
Pool towels
Sunbeds at the private beach by the sea
Free Transportation to the beach
Open-air playground
Basketball/volleyball court


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Genc Krasniqi
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50 Reviews
A very nice hotel overall, built in 2016 so things are still modern. Amazing pool and bar area. Rooms were okay, a bit low grade for the washroom and shower but better than most other hotels I’ve stayed in in Albania. + more
September 2018