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La Playa Beach Bar

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Our Beach is located in a great place and it very easy to be found.It is very clean water with a fantastic view . We have different activites and very good music. It is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset. We are the best place to spent your vacations.

Our Services
- Great Music
- Great Location
- Bar & Cocktail
- Sea Umbrella
- Excellent service
- Amazing view
- Different Activities
- Private Beach

Our Bar
In addition to our beach we have and our bar where we serve drinks from fraszeset to alcoholics as well as cocktails prepared with love from our bartender.


1 review
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Trim Salihu
1 Friend
57 Reviews
The best beach in the town of Sarandë just e few minutes from center.
Panoramic view of Corfu Island and dreamy sunset.
All staff take care of the beach and sunbeds, super clean and comfortable.
Professionals barista's and bartenders can provide you with delicious coffees and amazing cocktails.
Totally recommended.. + more
September 2018