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Alban Restaurant

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Alban Restaurant with Beach Bar bring the guest in dream! We have a lot of reason to make our guest feeling at the paradise where our value guest will find all kind of food especially Italian specialty, Fish Food, traditional food which is our goal and many other speciality which are on request. We are all year open and our location makes us very proud as most famous fish restaurant. Alban Restaurant Saranda is very famous in sarande as is the first beach bar with sandy beach which everyone knows!

Our Services
Sea Food
Traditional food
Air conditioning
Daily housekeeping
Laundry service
Balcony with sea view
Breakfast included

Not only that our restaurant is brilliant in the services but our giant beach is a miracle with us! Once you have satisfied yourself with our products you have the opportunity to enjoy the beach on the beach where in no place you will find. Saranda has many beaches but the relaxation at ALBAN RESTAURANT SARANDA will not be found.


1 review
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Gzim Zeka
13 Friends
85 Reviews
Wonderful little place right next to the sea with lovely view towards Corfu. Very reasonably priced tasty food. Had a huge Greek salad full of juicy tomatoes, fresh fish and calamari with a tzatziki and a couple of glasses of local white wine. Friendly staff and owner Alban make it a special place. Recommended. + more
September 2018