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Kino ABC

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Official opening of the ABC Cinema was made on 24 May 2000 Albanian premiere of “BUNKER COLONEL” the director Kujtim Çashku.

We ABC Cinema Films premiere organize professional workshops, weeks and festivals, always offering to viewers and creators of cinema art values with high cinematographic Albanian, European and world, through which our audience is close to recognizing the cultures of these countries .

A revolution in the Seven Arts and culture in general in Kosovo is marked by August 15, 2012, ABC Cinema digitization. This involves digitization of cinema is still only in Kosovo in the developed world and modernized film, offering screenings in 3D and build a new and powerful viewer.


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Arta Mamushaj
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Nowadays it has a good selection of movies. It is a bit small, so it can get full during world premiere's of movies. The seats are comfy, but the elbow space is shared. They do offer drinks and chips/popcorn (the popcorn is of the store bought variety, there's no popcorn machine in-house). The decor is pretty, and in general the place is nice. + more
October 2017