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  • Spitali Amerikan Prishtinë

    Prishtinë, Kosovo
    +386 49 513 513
    I'm waiting for 8 hr for blood work. I paid more 50€ everywhere is 15€ to 20 .I paid for quality but I'm not satisfaction. (staf is ok .) sombody say i have problem with machine but this is not excuse. I can't believe amerikan hospital .big name but to say that is not excuse . .☹☹ I'm not happy..
    22 February 2018

  • Kalaja e Krujës

    Landmarks & Historical Buildings
    Rruga Kala, Krujë, Albania
    If you visit Albania, this is a 'must see' place..the Museums...the castle..the food..the shopping street with old and new will definetely enjoy it...and Skenderbeg's statue of the beggining of the street..make time for won't regret it!
    22 February 2018

  • Xhamia e Sinan Pashës

    Mimar Sinani, Prizren, Kosovo
    Highly recommend coming for a visit, especially to the beautiful courtyard, where you can have a Turkish tea, relax, and enjoy the view.
    23 February 2018

  • Hotel "VILA TUFI"

    Hotel Restaurant
    Rruga Nr.1, Shkodër, Albania
    The hotel owner is very concerned about all of the hotel guests, a very good command of English, also speaks Serbian and Albanian, breakfast included, a bar, the room has air conditioning, but there is a safe for valuables, the balcony has a clothes dryer and pegs, also in the room has a refrigerator, gas stove, but no oven, dishes there, in the room with one king bed and one bunk bed, kind of out in the pine forest. Overall, an excellent hotel for families with children!
    27 February 2018

  • Lidhja Shqiptare e Prizrenit

    Museum Landmarks & Historical Buildings
    Sheshi i Lidhjes, Prizren, Prizren, Kosovo
    +377 44 191 427
    Historical place which bares significant importance for Albanian nation. It hosts many visitors on daily basis. Visiting the site offers you many information about Kosovo heritage and culture. In this place are exhibited many artifacts, handmade tools, traditional costumes and many other interesting things that are related to early history of Kosovo and Albanian nation.
    17 July 2018

  • Liqeni i Ohrit

    Ohër, Macedonia
    So beautiful and nice! I went on summer, in a big group, ans we rent a little boat to go trough the lake. The boat driver was nice, and stopped for almost an hour in the middle of the lake for us to swim! So clear, so blue! You can take several pics there, and have a great time! Just don't forget to take water and sunscreen with you!
    23 July 2018

  • Hotel Canyon Matka

    Hotel Restaurant Resort
    Str.1 nn Village Dolna Matka, Shkup, Macedonia
    +389 2 2052655
    Amazing location and view from the window. Comfortable and warm room. Tasty and rich selection of breakfast meals. The boat station and the old church are very close. According to the rules of the hotel, you must leave your passport as collateral. The restaurant menu is rather expensive, but in general acceptable.
    27 July 2018

  • Restaurant Rings

    Restaurant Cafe Dessert/Candy
    Sheshi Nënë Tereza, Prishtinë, Kosovo
    044/049 247 999
    Ambienti i mirë, ushqimi disi edhe shtrenjtë.
    08 August 2018

  • Hotel Kulla e Balshajve

    Hotel Restaurant
    Ulcinjskih moreplovaca, Ulqin, Montenegro
    +382 30 414 041
    Nice place with maybe the best view in Ulcinj. Place with a history. Stay at this hotel is a mix of history and romantic feeling. Hotel is not a 5 star hotel but the feeling you get walking around this special place is fantastic. They have a restaurant and nice open terrace where you can dine or just take a drink.
    14 August 2018

  • Hotel "Palata Venezia"

    Hotel Restaurant Swimming Pool
    Ulcinjskih moreplovaca, Ulqin, Montenegro
    +382 (0)30/421
    I spent a perfect week here. The view was amazing the service was amazing the food was amazing. Everything in tbe place was amazing. The place is inside an old Castle. It's a must...
    14 August 2018

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