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  • Swiss Diamond Hotel Prishtina

    Hotel Restaurant Day Spa
    Bulevardi Nënë Tereza, 10000 Prishtinë, Kosovo
    +381 38 220 000
    Definitely the height of luxury. Certainly one of the most expensive places to eat in Prishtinë. The service is top-notch and the surroundings are very fancy, but to me the food at the other local restaurants is just as good.
    You will often see very expensive sports cars around the Swiss Diamond. It is the most opulent place in Prishtinë and for that it should be recognized.
    28 October 2017

  • Kompleksi Taiwan

    Restaurant Bar Bowling
    Rruga Ibrahim Rugova, 1001 Tiranë, Albania
    +355 4 225 1175
    Das Taiwan Center liegt mittem in einem Park, relativ gut im Zentrum von Tirana. Man findet leicht dorthin - es gibt Cafes, etc. rund um das Taiwan Center. Ein netter Platz für einen Kaffee zwischendurch um das Treiben auf der Straße und im Park zu beobachten. Vorallem im Sommer kann man schön auf der Terasse sitzen! Der Park ist direkt daneben und schön für einen Spaziergang!
    28 October 2017

  • Qendra Tregtare Nertili

    Shopping Center Bowling Swimming Pool
    Tirana, 50000 Gjakovë, Kosovo
    +377 45 658 666
    The only shopping center that doesn't sell any products from Serbia
    28 October 2017

  • Dafina Bowling

    Bowling Billiard Fast Food
    Wesley Clark, 20000 Prizren, Kosovo
    +377 44 274 606
    Good place but needs more people.
    29 October 2017

  • Kino ABC

    3 Rexhep Luci, 10000 Prishtinë, Kosovo
    +386 49 721 099 (viber)
    Nowadays it has a good selection of movies. It is a bit small, so it can get full during world premiere's of movies. The seats are comfy, but the elbow space is shared. They do offer drinks and chips/popcorn (the popcorn is of the store bought variety, there's no popcorn machine in-house). The decor is pretty, and in general the place is nice.
    29 October 2017

  • Muzeu Arkeologjik

    32 Rruga Taulantia, 2000 Durrës, Albania
    Great collection, well displayed and with info in English and Albanian. Helpful staff too.

    Only the ground floor of the splendid new building is currently populated, with Illyrian, Byzantine, Hellenic, Archaic and Roman artefacts. The lady on the desk told me that the upper two stories will be opened as they are filled with medieval stuff and more of the same.

    Obviously, don't miss the splendid amphitheatre, Turkish wall, and underwhelming Forum while you're in Durres.
    01 November 2017

  • Parku Buzëdeti (Vollga)

    2000 Durrës, Albania
    Very popular with locals for the usual afternoon walk.
    01 November 2017

  • Coco Club

    Dance Club
    Besim Rexhepi, 70000 Ferizaj, Kosovo
    +377 44 847 777
    Best nightclub in the city, best dj's and sexy Ladies but need more place.
    01 November 2017

  • Hotel Afa

    Hotel Bed & Breakfast Restaurant
    15 Ali Kelmendi, Prishtinë, Kosovo
    +381 38 225 226
    Sauberes Hotel, freundliches Personal, der eigentliche Pfiff (Aufmerksamkeit, Variabilität) fehlt. Trotzdem gutes Preis/Leistungsverhältnis. Kann ich mir guten Gewissen weiterempfehlen.
    02 February 2018

  • Restorant Ujëvara

    Restaurant Swimming Pool
    0 Ferizaj, Kosovo
    Është pak më e shtrenjtë në krahasim me restorante të ngjashme, por lokacioni është shumë i bukur sidomos gjatë verës dhe ushqimi është mjaft i shijshëm. Ka edhe një Aquapark afër restorantit i cili është i hapur gjatë verës.
    31 May 2018

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